The blueprint

Faktory has a 4-step formula for successful content strategy and development. It’s an integrated process that applies intelligent creativity—both data and creative thinking—throughout. This process is designed to put each step perfectly in sync to create marketing momentum that builds on itself, improving and perfecting as it’s executed.


Research, listen, learn


Plan, strategize, message


Create, place, implement


Assess, recalibrate, repeat

The toolbox

Every craftsperson has a set of tools. We’re no different. Okay, we’re slightly different. Our tools to make clients successful aren’t hammers, chisels or saws. But, like all true craftspeople, we’re still experts at using them.

The creators

The world’s most intuitive, hardworking and likable staff.
Also possibly the most attractive.

The experience

You sit in a strategy meeting with your new agency. You go over your thoughts, because you’ve been worrying about a certain problem. Your agency team asks intelligent questions. They seem to get it. They challenge a thing or two. They confirm a thing or two. You brainstorm with them. The meeting ends. You feel good.

During the next little while, your agency team is in contact. With questions. With rough ideas. They’ve digested the research and again, they seem to get it. You feel hopeful. The agency then comes and presents its thoughts. On content strategy, development and publishing. You’re smiling inside. You ask questions, to which they have answers. You smile a bit more, this time also on the outside. You’re relieved. And happy.

Wouldn’t that be great? It can happen.

The patrons