Be where your audience is. Duh, right? That’s like saying “water is wet” or “Hollywood loves remakes.” Not so fast. That statement needs to be dumped, or at least evolved. Being where they are isn’t enough. To use an analogy, it’s like going to the restaurant-bar on “lady’s eat free night” looking for a companion. Sure, there are a lot of females in attendance. But most came to have a drink and hang out with friends. Very few are looking for what you’re selling with your bare chest and popped collar.

So how should that thinking evolve? If you’re just where they are, won’t they eventually choose you? Nope. Borrowing from the bar analogy again, you’re just an annoyance standing in the middle of the dance floor trying to get their attention with your attempt at the Milly Rock. You’re interrupting their streaming/IG-ing/FB-ing/TV-ing.

So here’s the shift: rather than being where they are, you need to help them find you. Because they’re looking. They’re sitting in front of the demi-god Google, garnering wisdom from her all-knowing algorithms. They’re seeking out IG influencers to show them how to do this or that. They’re tapping out queries on Amazon and seeking out blogs of interest. They may not even know they’re looking for you, but they are. They spend an average of 12 hours a day connected showing you they are. They’ve shown you that through their search queries, page visits and streaming selections. They’ve shown you through their social follows, YouTube views and app downloads. And, if you believe the internet rumors, they’ve shown you through their private conversations your devices are listening to. (Okay, we don’t know about that last one, but we think it’s probably true.)

The key is accessing the data and using it. And there are a plethora of strategies to do so. The digital tools at a great agency’s disposal are endless (and BTW, Faktory is a great agency). Behavioral targeting, contextual targeting, demographic targeting, content targeting, retargeting, geofencing, SEM, SEO, and on and on and on. And tying them all together into a comprehensive, successful strategy. Knowing what people want helps you narrow down your audience to those who are most apt to buy. Then you’re not only where they are, you’re what they’re looking for.

So find a great agency (again, Faktory) that has the digital tools and knows how to strategically use them. And you can leave your attempts at the Milly Rock at home.

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