Nobody knows your company better than the people within it. You know why it works, what separates it from the competition. Better yet, you know you’ve got a great team of talented, hardworking people. Driven to help the company succeed, because when it does, they feel that success. With all of that being true, it would seem to only make sense to produce all levels of marketing in house.

But the above factors, despite being positive, can actually counterintuitively hurt when creating consumer facing materials. It can be all too easy, understandably so, to become too close to the product or service you’re providing. It happens all the time — people know what they’re providing is great, and since they work with it every day, they can assume everybody else does as well. Or, on the other hand, they fall into the trap of thinking, “Hey, I know it’s great, all I need to do is let people know then they’ll come in droves.”

It would be nice if it were that easy. But no matter what you’re providing, there’s going to be competition. And people need a reason to care enough to watch an ad, let alone remember it. That’s where the outside perspective comes in. Despite appearances, advertising agencies aren’t random groups of crazy people daydreaming about robot unicorns destroying a venetian uprising of rock-people. (Well, maybe sometimes).

A good agency is a collection of smart, trained, and strategic thinkers used to solving the problem of getting noticed for a variety of brands. They’re able to take the knowledge and love from your company, then take a step back to analyze ways to allow an outsider to connect with that passion. Able to see things a little differently, call out what you may think is common knowledge, or simply package that branding in a way to make it stand out.

The best way to make it stand out? Memorability. A strong campaign doesn’t use others as a crux. Too often we see tech companies trying to mimic Apple, or athletic brands copying Nike. When the average person sees those, the takeaway is usually, “Oh, that looks like a Nike or Apple ad.” When Nike and Apple, besides having great products, got there by doing it their way first. By being memorable.

Think of an agency as a necessary extension for your brand. We take what you’ve mastered and use our expertise and knowledge to package in a memorable, palatable, digestible way for your customers. It’s hard, frustrating, and drives you a little crazy. But as you’ve probably gathered, that’s what draws us to this in the first place.

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