Recently, we had a client come to us with what can only be described as a “positive problem”. Through the sponsorship of an event, they had been awarded some national ad-time during the broadcast. The issue? They were made aware of this 10 days before the live event would be on air. They came to us asking what existing work they should run. To their surprise (and in all honesty, ours as well), we recommended that they shoot something new instead. We assured them that we could logistically make it happen, that it would be affordable, and most importantly, that it would be good. Sure, we had great existing work that we could run, but these new spots would be shot with the event in mind, making them a perfect fit. 10 grueling days later, we not only had a happy client with FIVE beautiful TV commercials, we had validated a process that Faktory had been working on behind the scenes, no pun intended, for the past 18 months. With the overlap of agency and production services, we were able to create work that was efficient, under budget, and timely. What more could a client ask for?

Logistical Nightmares

Coming up with a great video idea is only half the battle. The other half comes from the perfect alignment of cast, crew, locations, schedules, and equipment. Given the previous example, this would have been nearly impossible to pull off with such a short deadline. Traditionally, the agency comes up with the idea and then passes if off to a production house to figure out how to actually make it happen. With Faktory’s new model, we were able to have these two processes nearly synchronized. The creative team would pitch an idea and was given immediate feedback by production as to whether or not that could be executed within 10 days. This saved precious time and kept the budget in check from the very beginning. Rushed schedules generally mean the immediate sacrifice of staying under budget. With this project, the production team was able to give constraints to the agency while they came up with concepts, keeping the ideas fiscally grounded.

Good Content is Timely Content

Oreo nearly broke the internet with their infamous Super Bowl tweet. Ever since then, it’s been a race to see who could be the most relevant. With agency and production house under one roof, this has been the biggest advantage for Faktory over the past year. It allows us to respond quickly to current events and create content that is tailored specifically for its end destination. Producing five spots in 10 days is about as timely as it gets. Does this approach work for every project? Of course not. No agency wants to rush through a campaign in a week. This is simply another wrench to add to the toolbox. We’ll continue to shoot and produce in the more traditional sense, but this gives us the flexibility to say “yes” when most others can only say “no”. We understand that “content” is currently the king, and we want to be best prepared to create that content in any situation possible.