Commercials face more obstacles than a vegan at a chop house. Generally speaking, everyone hates them — commercials, not vegans. The good news is that every spot shares this challenge, making the playing field tough, but fair.

In order to do its job, a television spot has to do two things: catch the audience’s attention and then keep it. In other words, it has to be beyond good. Lucky for you, we’re pretty dang good at going beyond good, so hire us.

A great spot is memorable. To make a great spot, the idea has to be one thing:


Oh, and it has to resonate. Sometimes, that means humor. Others, it means a universal truth or emotional connection. Creative agencies are really great at taking any message and giving it new meaning with a fresh idea. Here’s a great example of how we at Faktory have really tugged on the heart strings of parents all around Utah.

Sure, sick kids are an automatic emotional pull. The true task was doing it differently. To really tell people what Primary Children’s Hospital is about, we realized we needed to tell their patients’ stories.

We know when kids are at their weakest, they reveal their true strength. We decided to celebrate that spirit. Because when families are faced with the unthinkable, they search for hope. We wanted to show them a place that’s something more — a place where kids win.

It was a universal truth turned into a simple idea, executed in a way that made people cry (not the ugly kind).

A great spot starts with a great idea. The best ideas survive because of trusting clients.