All a business wants is to succeed. A lot of the time, however, we’re left wondering what drives that success or how to continue that growth.

At Faktory, we believe it starts with customer service. The success of any business hinges on the relationships it fosters because it’s how we’re able to understand exactly what our clients’ needs are, setting us up to help them accomplish their goals. If that’s something you need, hire us.

If you’re just curious to learn more, here are three traits we’ve found to be vital in delivering the world class customer service our clients have come to expect.


Listening allows us to have empathy — the ability to step into our clients’ shoes. It’s not a one time thing, either. As companies grow, thrive or even go through struggles, we’re constantly right there with them, listening — giving us the necessary knowledge to wisely solve their problems. Only then can we be confident in the solutions we provide.

Here at Faktory, we taken a page or two out of the listening playbook of our client, Ken Garff (whose tagline is “We hear you”). Companies know themselves better than anyone.

That’s where listening comes in. Without understanding a client’s needs and goals, it’s impossible to know how to help them grow. It’s like when your high schooler fails Trigonometry — we can ground them until they check themselves into a retirement home, but if we listen, we might learn that they don’t understand the material.

Oftentimes, we’re even able to identify potential roadblocks and solutions for clients before they even occur — all simply due to taking the time to learn everything they’re about.

Cultivating Culture

At Faktory, we’ve developed a unique client-first culture, focusing our teams on specific clients and their needs. Our entire agency, be it media planners, account coordinators, creatives or anybody else, has to operate with this singular goal in mind. After all, that’s why we’re here.


The second somebody’s unsure of what’s going on with a project or service is the second something’s gone awry. Ensuring everybody’s aware of different processes (and who’s taking care of what) gives everybody peace of mind and takes care of potential problems before they have a chance to occur.

Faktory believes a constant line of communication, flowing both ways, is the only real way to keep everything on track. It works wonders at home with our families, but we’ve found it’s the only way to keep clients happy.

Looking for a team focused on the customer service model? Hire us.